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Welcome to Cambio Terapia Cognitiva. Cambio Terapia Cognitiva is the practice of Psychologist Mario Canamar. Here you will be empowered to improve your emotional well being, enhance your ability to manage interpersonal relationships, and become the best that you can be.

At Cambio we really care about your emotional wellbeing and we want you to feel comfortable througout the process. In this page, you can find the professional resume of therapist Mario Canamar.

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Mario Canamar

In the last couple of decades, I've worked with clients in Mexico, US, Canada, Colombia, Spain and other parts of the world. I am a clinical psychologist graduated from the Centro de Estudios Universitarios and specialize in cognitive-behavioural therapy, humanistic psychotherapy and brief focused therapy. I have participated in numerous professional conferences and workshops related to psychology and psychiatry. I have been a presenter for various classes, workshops and given talks related to my profession in major events and workshops.

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves filled with intense emotions, perhaps feeling lost and or even helpless. During such times it helps to talk with someone with an objective, non-judgmental perspective, and who can provide strategies to overcome our distress, in a safe and understanding environment. I have a strong interest in people’s well-being and work with clients, together, on their journey to regaining control, to finding emotional healing and personal fulfillment. I offer compassion, sincerity, warmth, and encouragement to help clients find their own personal strength and to achieve their goals. Change comes from within, and focus on a strength-based approach to counselling. Above all, it is very important that my clients know that I am listening.

As part of my work, I teach techniques and skills that are easy to apply and allow for a speedy recovery; my clients often see change and improvement from the very first sessions. As a therapist I focus in the here and now, the objective is to change behaviour towards a better emotional and mental health. I help people learn to manage anxiety, cope with depression and fears. I have successfully helped couples in conflict that wanted better communication and intimacy. I also have experience working with teenagers and adulst in the autistic spectrum, especifically with Asperger's Syndrome.

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