Anxiety can make you feel out of control. Whether it is unexpected, comes in the form of a panic attack or as persistant worries about what could happen if you make the wrong decision, your heart can be racing, you may feel sweaty and can begin to doubt if everything is fine.

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Anxiety therapy Yucatan


We can all feel depressed sometimes. For most, feeling depressed only lasts a couple of days. But for some people, these feelings of sadness, loss of appetite and/or motivation and of just groing through life can last weeks or even months.

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Depression Counselling Merida

Trauma and PTSD Counselling

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that occurs as a result of a single or a series life changing events. Psychological Trauma is damage to the psyche in response to a traumatic event in one’s life. We help you deal with trauma through PTSD counselling Merida.

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PTSD Counselling Merida


As the rhythm of life accelerates, staying on top of things can be difficult. Work, life, relations, caring for children or aging parents can be exhausting and take a toll. Therapy can help you manage stress by taking control of your thinking and your emotions.

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Couples Therapy / Couples Counselling

In couples therapy (couples counselling) you can resolve past hurts and find ways to forgive each other. As a couple you can also discover how to communicate better and listen to and respect each other’s needs. Our goal is to help you reconnect more deeply and find that you can feel closer than you have felt before.

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Couples therapy / Marriage Counselling Merida

Grief and Loss

Losing someone or something important to you may cause hard to describe pain and sadness. It doesn't matter if you lost a person, a beloved pet, a job o a personal role, the pain and sadness can severly impact your life. When this happens, it is time to talk with a psychologist who can help you get through it.

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Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is a form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that affects many individuals these days. It is a highly functional form of ASD where the individuals tend to show difficulties with social interaction and communication. Therapy for Asperger's Syndrom focuses on handling the anxiety and depression that people with AS often suffer, as well as teaching mechanisms to improve their social and communication skills.

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What happens in psychoterapy in Merida?

Psychologist in Mérida, reconnect with your emotions

Emtional therapy and psychologists in Mérida have always worked hard to help people reconnect with their feelings and emotions, and in particular during the last two years because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Being in lockdown and social distancing have changed the way of life for everyone. This radical change, along with the fear of contagion, this generates heavy emotional stress.

On the other hand, modern technology enables us to work virtually and be available to help anywhere at anytime. Many mental health concerns can be helped by virtual counselling with a psychologist in Merida. A Merida psychologist has the same level of efficacy online as in person and therapy can help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms as well as help with family and couples issues.

During the first session, your therapist will help you understand the therapeutic process. Diagnostic may require more than one session and after that, the treatment plan will be discussed. The treatment plan can include weekly or monthly sessions and an estimation of the duration of the therapy, be it a couple of weeks or months, depending on each case.

Most of our clients work with the psychologist an average of 6 to 20, 50 minutes sessions.